Accomplishments of 2020 Thus Far

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week. I personally have had a quite productive one writing away.

I have now finished my over-all outline for part one of my 2020 novel! 


Part two brings more to come, but for now I am officially ready to start writing.
 I have everything including my wonderful ending planned out.

Now I hope to teach my morals through a beautifully crafted story line. 

A story line based of the beloved classic "The Secret Garden". 

The title for this story is.......... 

yep I actually have no idea. 

But it is filled with many allusions to "The Secret Garden", and I hope I can come up with a catchy title to do it justice. 

My other writing accomplishments thus far include 

an Argumentative Essay for a  school which I am truly proud of, 

a few short stories about my classmates (I write those all the time), 

and a quick little children's story inspired by my novel ideas. 

So that's it for my writing projects.

As for my ot

2020 Rambles

Greetings my readers! It is officially 2020, and I thought it would be an appropriate time to write my first ramble of 2020. 

So here we go!

Have any of you made any New Years resolutions? Do any of you do fireworks?

My dad and I did not do fireworks this year, however the neighbors were performing their own light show which they were glad to let us watch from the window.

As for New Years resolutions, I want to read the Bible more and possibly travel to see new places. 

But I also made some big 2020 writing resolutions.

First of all, there is a story I long ago started, then almost gave up on, that I now I have made a goal to continue it so I can finish strong. 

Then, suddenly over my Christmas/New Years break, I stumbled upon a possible story idea, which I challenge myself with.

You see, I was re-reading an old favorite book of mine, The Secret Garden, when I decided to come up with a story that is inspired by the classic. I don't know what this style of writing is formally called,…

Savior of All

In honor of Christmas, I publish this poem ( though I guess now we've been through New Years). Happy new years to all, and to all a good night!

Savior of All
      Savior of all, in the form of a babe           Sent so that all of us He would save       Shepherds came first to see Him that nigh Wise Men came after following the star in the sky Soon the Child fled to Egypt, from selfish king Herod Who feared his own kingdom the babe might inherit   The Savior grew to preach and spread to all men           The life-giving love and mercy of Him          And then He soon died on the old cross             Beaten and crucified all just for us       But three days later He rose from the grave           The stone by angles was rolled away     So he went up to heaven with a promise for us

     And now we celebrate Him every Christmas

The Christmas Spirit Tag

The Christmas Spirit Tag
    I believe this tag is a great way to multiply the Christmas spirit throughout the Blogosphere. What a fun thing to do around Christmas time. God bless you all my readers and have a merry Christmas! And thank you who ever created this and the person who tagged me!

THE RULES (copied and pasted)
1. This is an anonymous tag. DO NOT link back to the creator or whoever tagged you–the goal of this tag is to spread Christmas spirit anonymously. Consider it a sort of ‘pay it forward’–you don’t know who started it, but you’re there to continue it. You can say thank you, of course, in the comments of whoever tagged you, but it’s all very ‘secret santa’ when you create your post.
2. Answer the copy-and-paste-able questions (GIFs, photos, song lyrics, poem extracts…are all welcome).
3. Share one thing Christmas taught you.
4. Tag as many people as you can think to help spread Christmas cheer around the blogosphere (my word, that rhymed).

What is your favorite Christmas bible …

Spreading the Sunshine #2 - Selflessness

The Gift of Kindness:
       Kindness should be a free gift that we give out to other people around us. Even the people we dislike. However, sometimes we are to focused on ourselves to think about others. Rather than spectating a person and weighing their good deeds or only being kind to those who are kind back, we have to be kind to everyone, even the people we despise. Kindness is a free gift we pass on from one person to the next. It's Christmas time, so what better time to show goodwill towards everyone and spread a little Christmas cheer. But to spread our sunshine we have to stop being greedy and thinking of ourselves first, and start sacrificing to help others. Even the smallest things that we could do could create a big change. Spread a little kindness whether is be through words, actions, gifts, or service. Christmas is the time of giving. Why not give a little kindness?

Being Selfless:

      We all need to learn the lesson of selflessness. We need to stop thinking so much a…

The Simple Writers' Tag

Thank you Lilly for tagging me!!!!

1. Link back to the creator of the tag and thank them.
Thank you Ellen for creating this simply wonderful tag!
2. Answer the Simple Writer questions.
3. Tag as many bloggers as you like.

Only three rules. Lets do this!

1. How do you like to write, by typewriter, pen, or computer?
I normally type on my computer, but I actually do have  an old typewriter that I do write on every once and a  while. 
2. Do you prefer to write in the first or third person?
3. Do you enjoy doing one POV or multiple POVs?
I only ever do one POV to focus on that one 
character, but multiple POVs would be a good 
challenge for myself in the future.
4. What's your favorite genre to write about?
I kind of like the Louisa May Alcott style: A story about
people doing great things in just everyday life. In other 
words, LOTS of character development.

Spreading the Sunshine #1 - Smile from a Stranger

A Story:
Have you ever had that experience in your life when someone you barely know, or even a complete stranger says or does something that you always remember? It may be a simple word of encouragement or a subtle smile. Have you ever had a random person come up to you, and share some advice or establish a simple understanding? We all have experienced these small acts of goodwill in our lives. It always seems to be the littlest things that have the greatest impact on us. For example, I remember back when I was eleven years old (I even knew I was a writer then) eating at a local Denny's with my dad. I had brought with me a book about writing, to read while we waited for our food. The friendly young waitress, who looked to be in her twenties, greeted me in a peppy voice and exclaimed   "You're a writer! I have that book at home as well. I am currently trying to get a few novels published, and this is my daytime job. What stories are you working on right now?"
She con…