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    How to Make My Previous Short Story a Novel

     Hello fellow writers! Today I write to you seeking your opinions and advice. So, you may have read my previous post with the short story Be Strong Like the Stars. After some advice from a friend and reading The Story Sponge's helpful Ten Easy Steps to Become an Effective Writer post, I have some different ideas  on how to turn this unedited and unrevised written on the spot short story into a legitimate well written and thought through novel. So, here are some things I am changing or thinking of for my beginning November Novel ( even though I am not planning on NaNoWriMo ). Comment below on your opinion and feel free to share some friendly writer to writer advice (it would be appreciated). And 
onto my brainstorming....... (make sure to read previous post before this part)

- A Little Less Loss So, the creation of Be Strong Like the stars began with me wanting to prove to myself I could write something that would move my reader to tears, because usely my writing is extremely cheery. I definitely succeeded! A little to well though. You see, my characters are human to, and though I didn't want their lives to be perfect, I guess I went a little to far crumbling their world apart (sorry Alice). Comment on which parts I should take out. I want to leave the house fire, but I won't burn Alice's leg. And also thoughts on killing off Blake..... You see, a lot of my moral has to do with moving on after loss, but it could also mean just getting through hard times. But, if I did still kill Blake off, it definitely would not happen so sudden. A novel leaves a lot more room for slow developement than a quick short story. But I know many will still tell me to keep him alive or bring him back to life. If I do kill him, he isn't coming back. But if I don't... Comment down below your personal opinion, if you see this and aren't to busy with NaNoWriMo.

-What Happened Before I am still debating on starting off with Alice's flashback to the house fire, or putting this in the middle of the book somewhere, and have the story of things before. This all depends on what I am to do about Blake. If I still kill him off, this would be way in the back of the book. If I don't, I could start with the short story begining I already wrote. By the way, I know I am basically spoiling everything about this novel online, but I am seeking advice from fellow writers on the net who have published or written complete novels before. I am a young writer, and have never completed the "The End" portion of any of my stories (yet). I seek help mentors.

-Other Characters If this becomes a novel, I need more characters than Alice, her brother, her mom, and a Border Collie. Alice will need friends and possibly more family members involved in her life. I have been thinking about (only if I kill off Blake) bringing in a friend who kind of takes that place of the older brother figure. Also, should she have a mentor? More siblings? A living Father?


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