The "Simple Things" Tag

The "Simple Things" Tag


  1. Link back to the person who started the tag and thank them. (Yours Truly) 
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you and thank them.
  3. List 5 simple things that make you happy with pictures.
  4. Tag one person.

5 Simple Things That Make Me Happy......

1. The sweet smell of old books.

2. The warm sun shining on your face on a wintery day.

3. Decorating the tree in early December awaiting Christmas day.

4.Watching the sky fade from brilliant sunset, to starry twilight.

5.The smell of moist earth as you dig into the soil.

I will continue this starting with Evelyn.

And I must also thank The Rain-Drenched Writer for allowing me to use the name 
The Sun-Soaked Writer. The Rain-Drenched Writer and Sun-Soaked Writer's Partnership 
lives on.


  1. Btw Evelyn, you don't have to continue tag immediately, I know you might have already planned a post for this Friday. 😉

  2. Wow, I absolutely love this tag! Simple things that make me smile... such a lovely topic. Yes... I did already post today (whoops!) but I now know what I'm doing next week! :D I can't wait!

  3. What a sweet tag! This post just reminds me to love life a little more. :)


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